High heels first became a fashion phenomenon when taken up by 15th-century Venetian courtesans. In more recent times, they have appeared in a mind-boggling array of shapes and sizes. We chart their evolution from the turn of the 20th century to today.

C. 1900-Marie Lloyd, the famous music hall artiste, wears a pair of satin high-heeled pumps


C. 20s, these flappers look the cat’s pajamas in their high heels and bows in 1925













C. 30s, the actor Carol Goodner reclines on deck in a jaunty little outfit. Note the close proximity of a lifebelt – a health and safety requirement when wearing high heels on board ship in the 1930s









C. 40s — The foxy fashions of the 1940s are certainly easy on the eye












 C. 50s — Marilyn Monroe plays baseball in a slightly inappropriate outfit in 1952. Something tells us she’s not bothered about making a home run













 C. 60s — By the 1960s, heels are an everyday sight on the high street









 C. 70s — we prefer this modern interpretation of the 70s look, as seen at Sao Paulo fashion week










    C. 80s — High heels are part of the uniform in the power-dressing 1980s













   NOW — Heels reach new heights in 2008. Agyness Deyn looks long and lean in these spiky babies












  Some women have even learned to run in their heels, as seen at this stiletto race in Amsterdam









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